Your AVON Representative Login and Online Account Registration Guide


Brief Introduction on Avon

Avon is an international company which is in the business of manufacturing and distributing the beauty, household, and personal care products. This is the fifth-largest beauty company. It was a David h McConnell in whose mind the concept of this company is formed in 1892.  In almost 140 countries this products is sell through different representatives. Its headquartered is in New York City.

Its product line includes Beauty products such as fragrance product, skin care products, and also home products. They focus very much on direct selling and therefore they have number of representative in different countries that take care of all this and also help the company in growing their business.

By this they provide individual an opportunity to earn and to support their business with their skills and also provide full recognition to employees and representative. They provide the eco friendly atmosphere to the customer and the company representative, so that they can easily share their view and take risk with full cooperation from the company.

In order to make thing easy for the representative they provide a online facilities to all its representative so that they can update themselves with any new changes in the company and in order to avail the benefit of this service one just need to have account with AVON and for creating the account one need to have an computer with internet access and personal information on hand.

Way to create AVON Representative online account

  • Go to the website of Your Avon at
  • There click on the small box with the button marked “Register Now
  • The new web page will open in which you have to provide some of the personal information like District Number, account Number, last four digit number of your security number and then click on the button marked with “Continue
  • One you read the term and condition, click the “continue” button
  • Now you have to create password and also set up your password hints after creating the password click on the button “continue
  • Once your registration process is completed,  representative can avail the benefit of the account and can access the account at anytime from anywhere

Security tips
  1. Never share your username and password with any other representative
  2. Create the strong password which is difficult for other to guess.
  3. Keep on checking your account frequently.

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