How to Enroll in Direct Deposit for Wal-Mart Money Card to get a $10 Bonus

Wal-Mart is an American based retail outlet which has numbers of chain spread throughout the world. It came into existence in 1962 and its headquarters is in Bentonville, Arkansas, U.S. Wal-Mart operates Cash & Carry club, Discount Department store, Discount store, hypermarket/ super center/super store, super market. Together Wal-Mart has 8500 stores in 15 different countries and under 55 different names.

The company is the world’s third largest public corporation as per the fortune Global 500 they also provide Wal-Mart Money Card; this is a debit card which can be used at ATMS where MasterCard’s and Visa is accepted. One can get the Money card from Wal-Mart very easily and after getting this card they also get the opportunity to enroll themselves in direct deposit.

This will make their financial transaction very easily as the amount will directly move from payer’s account to payee’s account and also after enrolling yourselves with this direct deposit program, you can receive 10$ bonus and can check employment payment, federal government benefit, state government benefits etc.

So don’t waste your time and in few steps, just get yourself enroll with Direct Deposit program of Wal-Mart.

Way to Enroll in Direct Deposit to Get a $ 10 Bonus

It is very easy and simple to enroll in direct deposit, for the same you need to have computer with internet connection where you can access Wal-Mart website, Wal-Mart Money card account and Id and password of that account on hand.

  • Visit the Wal-Mart money card website at  and there in the middle wait till the “Direct deposit reload re free” box come and then click “Get started”
  • New web page will open in which in the middle in orange box click the icon stating “get started”
  • Now you have to provide the user ID and password and then click “Log in”
  • Now follow the intrstcution given there in order to complete the process

Important Notes
  1. In case if you forgot your user id, you can get back but  providing your card number and security code
  2. In case you forgot your password then in that case you can get the same back by giving your user id and security code.
  3. To get 10$ bonus it is necessary that this is your first enrollment and your deposit amount must be at least $250.

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