How to Connect a LeapFrog Toy with your PC - Application Installation Instructions

Do you want to improve your children learning skill? If yes then just connect a Leapfrog toy with your Personal computer.

Leapfrog toy is a part of Leapfrog enterprises. It came into existence in 1995 in California with the aim of providing numbers of electronic educational toys which help children in improving their learning skills, observing skills etc. Out of their education toy leapfrog toy is one of them.

This toy is useful to all the kids from infants to grade school. This toys help to get other educational applications and other important device which help to improve their different skills on your computer very easily.

To access alt the other educational application and other learning programs, you just need to connect the Leapfrog electronic education toy to your computer and once you have connected the same you can easily download numbers of different learning and other programs very easily. This program is completely free and also helps to keep a proper look on your child.

So don’t waste your time just connect a Leapfrog toy with your personal computer and avail all the advantage of the same.

Way to connect a Leapfrog Toy with your PC to get more apps and features:

It is very easy and simple to connect a leapfrog toy to your computer. For the same you need to have computer with internet connection from where you can access its website, Your computer must access any one out of Windows, Mac operating system, must have a USB plug and port which help you connecting toy with your computer.

  1. Visit the Leapfrog toy website at
  2. Now the list will come from where you have to find your leapfrog toy and then click the icon stating “Select
  3. New web page will open where you have to select the computer which you have and then download a leapfrog connect application on that computer
  4. Now wait till the application gets downloaded in your computer. Once it is downloaded, open the program.
  5. Now  connect your leapfrog toy with your pc by using the USB plug and then follow the given instruction there in order to complete the installation process and then stat availing the benefits of the toy

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