How to Activate My Green Dot Prepaid Card


Brief Introduction on green Dot:

Green Dot is one of the well known United State financial companies which came into existence in 1999 with the aim of providing numbers of different financial services to large group of customer. They offer prepaid master card and visa card to large group of customer. You can find this product at more than 60,000 retail stores.

The green Dot card is a prepaid debit card which is issued by them in which you have to deposit money and then you can use this card. In depositing money in this card it is completely free and in case if you have get this card online then in that case they will give your free activation which will save your time. This card is similar as Master card or a visa card. Here they are not at all concern with your credit balance as you have to deposit the amount first and then you have to use.

Here to load the card you have two options one is of direct depositing which is completely free and other is you can buy a Green Dot Money Park in which you have to buy $4.95 which you can find at thousand of retail location. While using this card you don’t have bother for the bounced check fee, overdraft fee, late fee, or any interest fees.

So don’t delay in getting activate your green Dot prepaid Card.

Way to Activate the Green Dot Prepaid Card:

It is very easy and simple to activate your green Dot prepaid card. For the same you need to have computer or any other electronic device with internet connection from where you can access its website and need to have registered green Dot prepaid Card which is there in your green Dot package.

  1. Go to the website of the Green Dot Prepaid Card online  by clicking the given link at
  2. There you have to provide some of your details like your 16 digit personalized card number, last 4 digit of social security number and then you have to mention the same code which you will find below.
  3. Now just go through the provided information and then follow the given instruction there to complete the procedure.
Important Note:
In case if you won’t be able to find card and social security number then just go to the green Dot package.

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