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On occasions or events, everybody likes to wish their kith and kin by sending a greeting card. As this the age of internet, many prefer to send it on-line. One such E-card provider that allows users to send a greeting card on-line is Blue Mountain and it offers beautifully designed cards like several occasions like birthday, anniversary, congratulations, sympathy, love, get well, sorry, wedding, thank you, friendship etc. and offers varieties like funny cards, animated cards, musical cards, and many.

Check Blue Mountain 7 Day Free Trial Membership

Customers can choose cards they like and email them directly to friends, family members, relatives or colleagues etc. Blue Mountain even provides electronic postcards and these postcards can even be posted to Facebook walls of family and friends.

To send a unique greeting card using Blue Mountain is very simple and quite interesting. To avail this facility, one needs to register at the website. Once registered, you can start sending the E-card immediately. You are given a free trial and you don’t have to pay during this period. There is also a memo service available to help you remember all the important days of your friends and families. You don’t need to mail greeting cards at a post office any longer. So, just don’t wait, visit the website and enjoy sending the beautiful cards.

About the Blue Mountain

The Blue Mountain is an e-cards provider. It was founded in 1996. It offers its customers a wide variety of greeting cards for different occasions. At Blue Mountain, customers can send a greeting card by E-mail. One can download wall papers and beautifully designed calendars for free.It also makes various gift cards and postcards available at the website.

How to experience free trial at Blue Mountain?

  • You must have a device that provides you an access to the internet.
Step-By-Step Guide
  1. Visit Blue Mountain’s homepage at the website Click on the “Start you free trial now!” to start.
  2. Enter your email address in the specified box under the “New Customers” section. Click on the “Continue” to proceed.
  3. Provide your personal information, payment information and billing address. Click on the “Start Free Trial” to proceed.
  4. If there is any question, or if you wish to get further detailed information, you can always visit the FAQ page at
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