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‘Views & Reviews’ Team:

Views & Reviews’ team focused on new updates in various categories like Entertainment, Financial Services, Television, Internet, Shopping, Mega Stores and the list goes on. Our key goal is to provide latest updates and reviews which people can actually use in daily life. We want to help those people who use internet in daily life!

Meet our Team:

Harry Cotts – ‘Views & Reviews’ Chief Editor
Cotts completed his study in Finance Field and he has interested in journalism and in cyber world. He works as a Chief Editor of ‘Views & Reviews’. He is interested in blogging on various stuffs since last 5 years.

Sony Jackwale | Creative Designer
Jackwale is a creative professional, work with us as a Creative Designer. She is very crazy about technology. Sony completed her study in Computer Engineering. She is really creative designer. Jackwale adds life in to all latest content and makes the store alive.

Tom Bath | Editors
Tom did his study in commerce field. He is so passionate about online journalism and put his heart and soul in writing on various current trending topics.

Executive Editors: Shocky, Sunny Lee,  Jenny

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